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Why Choose Zero Gravity Pillow?

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Allergenic, Temperature Sensitive, Reduces Pressure Points, Gently Cradles Your Head & Neck

Why Choosing It?

Zero Gravity has the property of slow memory, acting as a real shock absorbed for more responsive, more supportive and a smoother bounce back. Each pillow is individually moulded as opposed to cut conforming more effectively to your weight and pressure thermo sensitive and responds to the body’s temperature created with an open cell structure that collapses when it is warmed to body heat, it provides pressure relief facilitating blood circulation. Individualized comfort as it forms to your natural shape, giving optimal support, reduces pressure points and prevents sleeping pain for a healthy restorative sleep. Your back rests and your body is completely relaxed. Zero gravity is produced with full anti-mite, fungi and bacteria protection for a cool and fresh feeling.

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