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What’s So Special about Refresh Mattresses?

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1. Highly Durable:
Incredibly long lasting, Refresh keeps its shape and size for many years, so you can experience the same feel night after night.

2. Profoundly Comfortable:
Imagine sleeping on a mattress that instantly moulds itself to your body contours, changing its shape throughout the night as you move to always ensure a perfect sleeping posture. That’s exactly what Refresh does!

3. Hypo-Allergenic:
All Refresh mattresses are treated with Sleep Guard technology for anti-microbial benefits. This means that the dust mites, bacteria and fungi that usually find a home in mattresses will keep away.

4. Well-Ventilated:
The aerated, well-ventilated interior also dissipates body moisture to keep you cool and your mattress fresh and dry.

5. Independent Support
Refresh mattresses also provide truly independent support. When you move, your partner’s side of the bed doesn’t, so you can move freely without disturbing each other.

6. Superb Choice
Refresh comes in a wide range. So, take your pick—choose what’s most suitable for you and enhance your sleeping and waking-up experience.

7. Ergonomic Support
Refresh mattresses provide gentle yet positive support to sustain the natural curve of the spine during sleep. A secret to improved sleep, it actually reduces pressure across your body, which otherwise shuts off capillary blood flow. Without this loss of circulation you are much less likely to toss and turn through the night. This superb pressure relief also helps to bring oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, so you awake feeling recharged and renewed.

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