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How much does a mattress affect quality sleep and relaxation?

It is necessary for us to get complete rest especially when we spend one-third of our life on it. Accordingly, the mattress on which we sleep needs to be firm, yet gentle. If it is too hard, then it gets uncomfortable and hinders the quality of sleep. Only when the body gets quality sleep; we feel rejuvenated and relaxed. A mattress, in order to be proportionate to our body and to offer 100 % of all its comfort and quality, it must be 20 cm longer than us and at least 160 cm wide if sleeping in two. If sleeping on a single mattress, the width must be at least 90 cm in order to allow natural movement during the night. It is to be noted that the distribution of weight is different according to our body and from one person to another and the perception of support and comfort is different.

It is, therefore, very important to consider the variables that influence our rest when we sleep with another person. When sleeping on the same mattress; the pressure created is of two different bodies, which needs to be considered. Foam mattresses with memory are extremely soft, giving comfort to the body and against bed sores. It is highly breathable.

Tips on how to take care of mattresses and how to keep them clean

A mattress must be laid on a plain surface. Dimension of the mattress should be selected precisely. Mattresses should have exclusive fabrics with zipper, which can be easily removed, dry cleaned and put back for use.


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