Refresh Mattress

बहाना छोड़ो, ले आओ Refresh Mattress

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BAHANA CHODO! No excuses please when it comes to Healthy Sleep.

Refresh Mattress very recently introduced an innovative campaign that differentiates Brand Refresh from the other stereotypes in the same genre. It unfolds its value proposition of “sleep healthy wake beautiful” along with telling the consumers the importance and benefits of having a healthy sleep.

The film begins with a disgruntled Chaddasaab, not enjoying his morning newspaper and tea for not having proper sleep and thus resulting in low energy levels affecting his mood and wellbeing.
It then emphasizes the criticality of owning a Refresh Mattress which promised to bring healthy Sleep. The film ends up showing Chaddaji breaking into joy and laughter with full energy.

Refresh Mattress makes Chaddaji’s life wonderful and he continues to “Sleep Healthy! Wake Beautiful”.

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